Sisters In Service of Southwest Georgia

HerSTORY……….“Sisters in Service of Southwest Georgia” and Our Community Partners

Sisters in Service of Southwest Georgia was born from a national tour led by renowned comedian/talk show host previous national officer of a Divine 9 sorority. During her visit to Sumter County, Georgia on July 15, 2017, she challenged all predominantly Black sororities to come together to significantly move the needle in the African American community in the areas of economic empowerment, education achievement, political involvement, and social justice. Our souls were moved and we were compelled. The four sororities based in Americus, Georgia but serving ten (10) Southwest Georgia counties as service areas accepted the challenge then launched “Sisters In Service” in April 2018. Our objective is to compel and engage black voters in every aspect of our communities that we serve which encompasses members across 10 counties in Southwest Georgia. Under collaborative leadership from the Sisters, a Call To Action was sounded across Southwest Georgia to mobilize during the Midterm Primary Elections in May 2018 followed by the Run-off elections in July and full engagement for the Midterm General Elections in November 2018 during the historic campaign of our first African American woman, Stacey Abrams, seeking the position of Governor of Georgia.

Sisters in Service has expanded with a coalition of community partners across Southwest Georgia and beyond. We are leading a non-partisan effort with deliberate and intentional strategies.

Voter Engagement - "Ain't No Stopping Us Now!"

Highlights from Sisters In Service's engagement in the 2020-2021 federal elections process

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